Download Gimp 2.8.20

GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program is an app for photo editing, image retouching and editing, free form  drawing, converting between various image formats. One can use it for more specialised task. Your photo editing experience will definitely be better with GIMP. It supports different format importing and exporting.

Updates of GIMP 2.8.20

The GIMP version 2.8.20 has various updates to enhance user experience as opposed to previous version.

  • The ‘y’ axis is now indicative of ‘Rate’ instead of ‘flow’ and the verical ruler shows artifacts.
  • The visibility of slider handles has been improved ¬†with dark themes.
  • The “automatic window tabbing” feature introduced on macOS Sierra has been disabled and for macOS DMG ht Pango data is no longer copied in the bundles and the way mime data is copied in the bundles has been fixed.
  • It has made the color picker mode toggling to make it better for you.
  • The memory requirement has been reduced while running the installer for Windows Installer.
  • Many other plug in additions and improvements have also been made.
  • It has changed that initial user interface for Mac into a easy one to enable users to change their language.
  • This version of GIMP is available in 18 other languages and English.

How to download GIMP?

GIMP 2.8.20 is now available for is users and power users. For a more enjoyable editing experience please click on the link given below and download the programme.

Download GIMP

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