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GIMPGIMP is a powerful application that is created by GNU. It is an image editor which is very helpful if you want to manipulate your images. With this application you can easily retouch your images, recreate them, and construct your images whenever you want. It is an open source programme. And the good thing is, it is absolutely free you don’t need to pay for thus great image manipulation program. It offers you great tools and features by which you can easily edit your pictures. It is a great way to make your pictures more appealing. This application also have an intuitive interface with quickly accessible controls. The number od brushes and tools are given for editing your images the way you want which is really impressive.

GIMP also has a paint programme, through which can create and edit new images. It is the one of the most powerful and impressive photo editing application. If you are also interested in editing your pics and making them more amazing then they were, then just go with this app which gives you the best editing tools and new amazing features.

Release notes of GIMP :


  • This one fixes the crash and window resize and the missing icon bugs all by updating this new GIMP


How to download GIMP :


  • Start by clicking on the button provided.
  • After downloading is complete, click om the file.
  • The installation will start.
  • Then, terms and conditions will appear so agree to all of them and finish the process.
  • Once it is done you are ready to use it.


Download GIMP

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