Download GIMP 6.2.8

GIMPGIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program which is free and open source graphics editor. It converts images formations. for example, Retouching, drawing etc., GIMP Is available in Microsoft Windows, Mac-OS and Linux. It has a license of GPLv3+ and born as general. GIMP later changed its name as Image Manipulator Program. GNU and GNOME project designed this as a free software associated with volunteers.

Features of GIMP 6.2.8

  • Additional effects of GIMP are Drop Shadow, Motion Blur, Noise etc.
  • Incredible edit tools are Clone, Healing brush, perspective Clone tool, Blur and Sharpen tool etc will help a large extent.
  • Path tools available in GIMP helps to draw vectors which are known as “Bezier curves”.
  • By using the process of simple interactive object extraction, we can extract the foreground elements like a person or house.
  • The latest update of GIMP is Quick Mask mode for painting the area of selection using the brush,
  • Tools for selection in GIMP are Free, Fuzzy, circular and rectangular select tools.
  • Color tools in GIMP are scales, watercolor selectors and a color wheel.
  • It provides multiple ways of applying the required colors to the pictures or drawing in numerous ways.
  • Basic tools for editing software are menu and dialogue box which consists of filters, brushes, selection, layer, masking tools, and transformations.

How to download GIMP 6.2.8

In your Device or PC, simply click on the link given in the article which provides you direct access to download GIMP with ease.

Download GIMP

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