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GIMPVisual arts is one of the primary forms of art and is diverse since its inception. Any creation that is made to be gazed upon can be termed a form of visual art. Since the beginning, the human is drawn towards the visual representation of things. It began with paintings by cavemen on the wall, to sculptures and schools of art and other forms as well. But with new technology come new tools too. The computer allowed for the human art to be digitized, helping it be better in so many ways possible. GIMP, is one such software that helps a user create, alter, edit and touch up images and illustrations. GIMP is a sophisticated tool for the professionals who wish to work on visual pieces.

Features of GIMP 2.6.8

The following are some benefits that the software possesses

  • The software is free and can be easily modified by changing the source code, this allows users to tweak the software and then even distribute their version for shared results.
  •  The software can be used by graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and even scientists alike. This is possible because GIMP is compatible with several 3rd party plugins that permits the user to access the full potential of the software.
  • With the software, artists can create art pieces from scratch to perfection. It has the performance of a professional tool and the interface of a basic tool.
  • The software is also used to edit and manipulate high-quality images. Since the software is raster based, no compromise in quality is made with any changes that are executed on the file being worked on.

How to download GIMP 2.6.8

GIMP is a cross-platform application and can be used by GNU/Linux, Windows and even OS X users.

Download GIMP

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