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GIMPThe development in visual arts and manipulation has been at a very dynamic pace when compared to the last decade. We have gone from making movies on films and to now a level of 4K resolution and even above for common media is achieved. This major transition has helped get, things in perspective, of how technology impacts our needs and wants. With the increase in consumption of media the rate of production and standard at which it is created also has risen. For example if an image needs to be visible on a banner, one doesn’t just click a pictures and then post it on the billboard, an entire post processing process takes place, where the image is corrected for its colour , texture, sharpness and on so many other parameters. And then some more effort is put into detailing and finishing, and only then it is finalised as a output.

All these processes are necessary for the image to look good and even have the intended impact , along with fulfilling it’s purpose. For such outputs programs such as GIMP are used. GIMP is a illustration/image editing platform that allows users to illustrate and tweak images according to their needs with inbuilt tools with specific commands.

Features of GIMP 2.6.7

The following are it’s features.

  • The program focuses a lot of attention on color as an important aspect of imagery. Where one can select colors in multiple manners that is a palette, color chooser and even an eyedropper to select colours of your choice.
  • The application to work on details helps a user create paths and selection that allow them to work on fine tuning of an imagery.
  • The platform is available for Windows and MacOS and even Linux.

How to download GIMP 2.6.7?

To download click on the given button.

Download GIMP

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