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GIMPIn the past decade the progress made in the sectors of visual arts , visual manipulations and editing has been far beyond the previous rate of growth. The progress of media is such that, just a few decades ago, we used analog magnetic films to capture pictures and movies and what not, to now with digitization, we can create 4K resolution visual data, and even project it on common devices we all carry. This rise and development in the media industry with relevance to technology has come through not only technological development, but also increase in viewership in general. To take an example, this increase of consumption has called focus on details, which are done by something known as post processing. Which allows for the media provider to add details, highlight factors they want to draw attention to, add texture and layer in the manner they wish to. And even after all of this, a quite amount of elbow grease goes into the detailing and finalising of the output that can be used by the media provider. These processes are a necessary part of creating media and are absolutely pivotal in the impact of the media. GIMP is a illustration/image editing platform that facilitates the user with tools to illustrate and manipulate images in accordance to their needs with built in tools with specific relay.

Features of GIMP 2.6.6

The following are it’s features.

  • The colour of an image is the most important part of it and the application gives it the necessary attention. There are several ways for a user to select colour for correction, like from the grid, or selecting from the panel ¬†or to even use the eyedropper tool, to select an exact particular colour from the screen
  • The GIMP platform is available for download on Windows and MacOS and Linux.

How to download GIMP ?

Click the below given button to download.

Download GIMP

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