Download GIMP 2.6.2

GIMPGIMP is free and open source graphics editor. It is abbreviated as GNU image manipulation program. Retouching, drawing, sketching etc., are easily done by using this software application and it also converts image formations. This software was driven by GPLv+3 license as the general editing tool. Microsoft windows, Mac-OS and Linux operating systems support the performance of GIMP. This software recently changed its name as GNU image manipulator program from its general form. This project came into existence through the volunteered service of employee of GNU and GNOME projects.

Features of GIMP 2.6.2

  • Filters, brushes, selection layer, masking tools and transformations are included in the dialogue box and menu bar of the application.
  • You can apply different shades and forms of colors to a picture or drawing in numerous ways.
  • Most attractive part about editing is its color whereas this software contains color tools as scales, watercolor selectors and color wheel.
  • Selection tools in the software include free, fuzzy, circular and rectangular selection tools.
  • You can select them and paint the area of selection in a drawing using the brush in the latest feature of MASK MODE.
  • Foreground elements like a cat in the shadow and shade of tree can be extracted using the simple interactive object extraction.
  • Drop shadow, motion blur, Noise etc., are the updated additional features of this software.
  • You can draw vectors (Bezier curves) using the path tools in the software.
  • Clone, Healing brush, perspective clone tool, blur and sharpen tools are most effective tools to be dealt with in this software.

How to download GIMP 2.6.2?

This article contains a link below for downloading GIMP. Click it and install the best graphic editing software in your device.

Download GIMP

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