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GIMPIn the world of graphic manipulation, GIMP stands out to be the most useful application. GIMP is a downloadable application that works as a simple image editor and has gradual advanced functions that make graphics look professional and help in retouching images through graphic manipulation. It is a must use application for graphic designers, photo editors and those aspiring to be the same, since it is easy to use and highly effective in its application and also restores the quality of the original Image. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program that can be expanded, molded and also customized to use.

Features of GIMP 2.3.6

The following are the features of GIMP

1. The GIMP application can be used on many different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac Os, BSD, Solaris.
2. There are a number of tools Inbuilt in the app that help in retouching and image manipulation. Tools such as healing brush, perspective clone tool, heal and sharpen tool increase image clarity.
3. Text layering helps in adding textual matter to the image, which can be used to create poster, pamphlets, and brochures.
4. There is import and export support for image formats such as BPM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF etc.
5. GIMP has a free and open source, which enables the creation of various forks, derivatives, and variables to fit the requirements of computer program creators.
6. A portable form of GIMP for Microsoft Windows programs enables the use of brushes by preserving them.
7. It’s interface includes a number of languages such as Russian, English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish etc.

How to download GIMP 2.3.6?

It is the best application for those who are starting out, as it is user-friendly and effective at the same time. Here is the link to download the app.

Download GIMP

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