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GIMPJust taking photos is not enough. To get the best photos out of your clicks, you also need to edit them like adjusting the brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. You may also want to convert coloured photos into black and white if that makes them better. While Photoshop is the widely used software for this purpose, most of us have wished for a free software that comes with all these functionalities. This is what the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) does. GIMP is a freely distributed image editing software that can perform tasks like image authoring and composition, along with photo retouching. In this article, we shall look into GIMP and its features.

Features of GIMP 2.3.5

Here are a few features of GIMP that make it stand apart from the rest of the image editing tools.

  • It’s Free of Cost- GIMP is completely free and has no costs. You can use the functionalities of this app fully without spending a penny.
  • Customizable Interface- Each art project comes with different requirements and actions. So, it allows you to decide what tools, colours, etc should be on your palette.
  • Photo Enhancement- It Helps you to compensate for many digital photo imperfections like perspective distortion, barrel distortion and so on.
  • Digital Retouching- It helps you to retouch your photos and perform tasks like getting rid of unwanted details and also use the perspective clone tool.
  • Support for a Wide Range of Hardware- It supports a wide range of hardware right from USBs to pressure and tilt sensitive tablets, USB wheel, etc so that you can easily do the editing.
  • Wide Range of File Formats- It supports most of the image file formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, multi-resolution and multi-colour depth windows icon files.

How to Download GIMP 2.3.5?

If you want to give GIMP a try, download it from here.

Download GIMP

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