Download GIMP 2.3.3

GIMPPhoto editing and enhancing like a pro takes a lot of effort and expertise. Plus, you will have to pay for the features which you really need. GNU Image Manipulation Programme (GIMP) comes as a rescue to people like all of us. GIMP is an open source programme which allows you to edit images for free. What more, it is completely free. The features that other software have for their paid versions are also available for free. It is a popular, powerful and up to date image editor. We shall look into the features of GIMP in this article.

Features of GIMP 2.3.3

Here are a few features of GIMP which make it one of the best image editors available.

  • No payment- GIMP is available for free. All its advanced features are also available completely free. So, no more spending money on editing photos.
  • Wide Array of Features- It has a drawing and paint tool, photo retouching tool and a batch processing and conversion tool. There are many more features to try in this.
  • Easy User Interface- The tools which you usually use like photo retoucher are easily available and obvious on the window. So, no more searching for tools. You can spend that time on improvising your photos instead.
  • Availability- It is available on almost all platforms like Windows, IOS, Linux, etc.

How to Download GIMP 2.3.3?

If you would like to lay your hands on the GIMP and try its features yourself, click on this link

Download GIMP

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