Download GIMP 2.3.2

GIMPIf you are thinking about getting yourself image editing software without spending any money on expensive software, then GIMP is your destination. GIMP is an image editing software which comes with all the features of any expensive software available which also makes it popular among university students and teachers. Its usage is not restricted to photographers or illustrators but its sophisticated and complex tools can help scientists and designers to get their job done.

Features of GIMP 2.3.2

GIMP has been number 1 software for editing photographs. It has impressive and highly updated features.

  • Helps in retouching, editing, drawing and converting images to different formats.
  • Third party plugins are allowed.
  • Customizable Interface is available to interact and control the software.
  • Full screen view can be enabled to edit very large photographs in your computer.
  • Barrel distortions and colour balance can be done.
  • GIMP supports following file formats- TIFF, GIF, PNG and JPEG.
  • Hardware like scanners, graphic tablets is supported by the software.
  • Supports UNIX systems like Linux, SGI IRIX and HP-UX.
  • Advanced editing tools like clone, Healing brush, Perspective clone tool, Blur and sharpen look, Smudge tool and Dodge ad burn tools are available.
  • It has 150 standard effects and filters.
  • Several colour selecting palettes, colour choosers and eye dropper tools helps selecting colours in different ways. RGV/HSV is built-in colour chooser for the software.

How to download GIMP 2.3.2?

GIMP is available for Windows and Mac. This can be used in 32bit and 64 bits as well. To download this software for your device, click on the link, select the correct file and follow the further instructions.

Download GIMP

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