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GIMPDon’t we love to edit our pictures? Starting from black and white to vintage hits? It’s not women who always want to steal the show or it isn’t men who are like, ‘Real men don’t do it”. It’s the society’s demand which is making us do this. We do like to good our best on Instagram feeds and Facebook pictures. It is these baby steps which might lead us to front cover of Vogue one day but how do we do this? With so many upcoming apps, how do we know that this is our app? Well, GIMP is at our door steps then. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation. It means that you can edit any picture you want to relate to important work or commercial or personal.

Features of GIMP 2.3.0

Here are some key points which make it stand out from the rest ones:

  • GIMP gives a huge interface which means you can edit pictures of any size.
  • There are many themes to suit up your image with.
  • It helps giving an intricate detailing to your work.
  • It works for computers, laptops, Microsoft and now in Androids too.
  • It is usually used for artistic works as they need a detailed one.
  • Last but not least, you are given a wide range of options, you can choose anything as you desire and which suits your work.

How to download GIMP 2.3.0?

As far as the installation process is concerned, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary or run an extra mile. The download link is given at the end of the article, all you have to do is, just click that link and follow whatever comes up on the screen. Happy editing.

Download GIMP

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