Download GIMP 2.2.5

GIMPPhoto editing has become one of the upcoming areas among the youth as well as various businesses. GIMP has provided an excellent base for graphics editor. It is a free and open
source for image retouching and editing. It has been designed by Spencer Kimball and Peter
Mattis on 15 February 1996. It was later developed by The GIMP Development Team. GIMP
allows converting image from one format to another.

FeaturesĀ of GIMP 2.2.5

Following are the features of GIMP:

1. It is available on Linux, macOS and Microsoft.
2. It offers usage of tools from the toolbox through minus and dialogue windows.
3. The toolbox incorporates brushes, filters along with transformations and masking tools.
4. It has an excellent option for color blending and gradient effects to the editing image.
5. It is open to a number of selection tools like the rectangular, circular, free size, scissors tool, semi-automatically selection.
6. It also provides smart tools like clone tool, healing brush, blur and sharpen tool, smudge tool, dodge and burn tool etc for better enhancement of the image.
7. Text layers long with plug-in and scripts can been inserted in the image.

How to download GIMP 2.2.5?

In order to download the application follow the steps below :
1. Click on the given below download Button.
2. Run the GIMP installer from the downloaded file.
3. The user can either follow the prompts to install GIMP or leave to the default setup.
4. Select the file formats according to choice and then finish the installation.
5. Your application is ready for use.

Download GIMP

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