Download GIMP 2.2.1

GIMPGIMP provides a cross platform image editor available for GNU and other operating systems available. GIMP is a high quality app for scripted image manipulation. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as pictures retouching and it is expandable and extensible. It converts between different image formats, and more specialised tasks.

Features of GIMP 2.2.1

Following are the features listed about GIMP:
 This app will provide you with amazing color management feature to ensure best color reproduction across digital and printed media.
 It will also reduce noise, and can also crop image.
 The image enhancement tools are automatic, so you will not have a confusion choosing the best one to make the image look amazing.
 This app will provide you with color adjustments tools.
 The app uses customizable brushes to edit the image, and it retouches the image digitally.
 With these mind-blowing features of GIMP it makes the image look original, and is easily extensible.
 It provides all the sophisticated tools to the delight of photographers, graphic designers and many more.
 It is argumented with plug-ins and extensions to do just anything.
 The app provides you the full site of painting tools including brushes, pencils, clones etc.
 It can also open virtually many number of images at one time.
 The manipulation are advanced that is, it has layers and channels, the texts can be edited in layers, it has foreground extraction tool, etc.
 It can also load and save animations in a convenient frame as layer.

How to download GIMP 2.2.1?

You can download the application from the link provided below!

Download GIMP

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