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GIMPGIMP is actually an abbreviation used for GNU Image Manipulation Program, which is free and open source raster graphics editor which is used for image retouching and editing free from drawing, converting between different image formats and few more specialized tasks. GIMP has been ported to many operating systems and was quickly adopted and a community of contributors formed.

Features of GIMP 1.2.0

Following are the features of GIMP:
 Tools used to perform image editing in the app can be accessed through the toolbox from menus and dialogue windows which includes filters and brushes as well as transformation, selection, layer and masking tools.
 The app provides you with multiple ways of selecting colours which includes palettes, colour choosers and eyedropper tool so that you will be able to select a colour on the canvas.
 GIMP’s user can also create custom gradients with tools provided and gradient plug-ins are also available.
 The selection tools of GIMP includes a rectangular and circular selection tool, a free select tool and a fuzzy select tool, and also more advanced selection tools are also available.
 GIMP also supports a quick mask mode where user can use brush to paint the area of selection.
 GIMP also has a vast options of smart tools which use more complex algorithm to do several tasks that otherwise would be time consuming, which includes clone tool, healing brush, perspective clone tool, blur and sharpen tools and smudge tool etc.
 GIMP consist of many layers in stack and different channels.

How to download GIMP 1.2.0?

The app consists of more features, so to know more about the app click on the link given below!

Download GIMP

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