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Learning Graphics Design has always been costly. Well even if you could master the art from free online videos you would still require an editing
software that will cost you up at least $24. Now GIMP here is the game changer which delivers most of the features of a paid editing software, free of cost . Saving both your money and time to decide whether is graphics designing really for you.

Features of GIMP 1.1.7

Initially realised in 1996 GIMP has never backed down on its quality of
delivering high quality results as its competitors. As to face on here are some of the features that GIMP has to offer
 It first realised A GUI toolkit named GTK which later got replaced by GTK+ and has been in use till date this tool has the ability to create
mock-ups, icons and graphic design elements.
 GIMP’s source code is highly scripted for easy image maundering as its
supports programing languages like C++, Source, Pearl, Etc.
 GIMP’s rendering quality is also very high and doesn’t let the users feel
like they are using a freeware software.
 The User Interface has two modes, Single and Multiple window, users
may select the desired mode to begin working.

How to Download GIMP 1.1.7?

GIMP operates on all the major types of Operating Systems like LINUX,
Windows and even MacOs.Well this size only comprises from 20Mb to 86Mb
deepening on the type of system it has been downloaded for. To download GIMP just press here-

Download GIMP

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