Download GIMP 1.1.9


The GIMP which is also called as the GNU Image Manipulation Program
is a free and open source image editing software. The GIMP has all the
amazing features which match the level of the Adobe Photoshop. The
GIMP software gives has the feature of manipulating any source code.
The GIMP is a cross platform software and is available for the Windows,
Linux and Mac operating systems. The GIMP has amazing tools required
for an image editor such as noise reduction, automatic image
enhancement, color adjustment tools and different brushes for an
effective editing of image. The GIMP has both versions namely premium
version and a free version. More extraordinary features are available only
in the premium version. The GIMP has a good customized interface and
any person with minimum image editing skills can manage the GIMP
easily. The GIMP software has over millions of users from all around the

Features of GIMP 1.1.9

1. The GIMP has the feature of customizing the editorial tools and most
recently used tools can be managed easily.
2. The GIMP has the feature of smoothing and sharpening the image giving a better look.
3. The GIMP has the feature of editing the images for looking natural and is called as retouching.
4. The GIMP has the feature of manipulating the image source codes with the help of C language..
5. The GIMP has the feature of supporting hardware for image editing.
6. The GIMP can convert any image format to the other format such as
jpg to jpeg, jpg to gif etc.

How to download GIMP 1.1.9?

The GIMP software can be downloaded from the following link

Download GIMP

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