Download GIMP 1.0.8

GIMPGIMP is an image manipulation programme and it is an alternative to photoshop. You edit your photos and videos easily. It is a free photo editor, paint software and image editor. Photoshop always seems a bit tricky to edit but GIMP is quite easy to understand, and beginners can use easily without any use of tutorials.

Features of GIMP 1.0.8

  • You can download it for free.
  • GIMP also supports pressure sensitive painting and drawing.
  • It has better features than photoshop.
  • Easy tools application.
  • Wide selection of tools is available.
  • Better photo editing setup is available.
  • Practical work can be interestingly illustrated.
  • Available on any windows XP or latest version.
  • It can be used in PC, Mac or a tablet.

How to download GIMP 1.0.8?

  • Click on the given below download option which will redirect you to a download page.
  • Choose for your device.
  • You will get a .dmg file. for Mac and for windows, you will get a .exe file which you will have to run.
  • Accept the administrative controls.
  • Pick your language which you are suitable with.
  • The software will open.
  • Press on customize and enable translations if you require any other language or else leave it.
  • Select the files which you want to associate and create a desktop icon.
  • Click on install.
  • Go to windows & enable single window mode.
  • Go to edit preferences and select multiple themes and colours.
  • Go to file & new and start painting with your mouse.
  • Have fun using GIMP. Draw and paint more.

Download GIMP

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