Download GIMP 1.0.7

GIMPGIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free, open source tool that lets anyone create and edit images. It is an authentic graphic editor that allows to use for the purpose of creating drawings (free-form), editing and retouching of images and converting diverse formats of image. GIMP has its updated version with many more newly added features and it has the ability to edit in a single-window. It is a software designed to offer a wide range of functions combined with a modest and intuitive interface. The beginners can access this software by engaging themselves with digital art. GIMP also allows their users to make simple animations using the animation frames. It is a free and fast downloaded application which is available for Windows, Mac OS, Unix and Linux users.

Features of GIMP 1.0.7

  • Users of GIMP can create own images by using tools for airbrushing, penciling etc.
  • One can create own brush and patterns here.
  • User of this app can use the feature of making own animate creations.
  • One can crop, add text and resize the image on it.
  • It assists across exporting as well as importing diverse file formats and can be extended to additional formats using plugins.

How to download GIMP 1.0.7?

  •  The user must click on the download link located at below this article.
  • The current version works for any operating system (higher or Windows 7).
  • As soon as the download is completed, the user must run the installer and can run it as soon as it is successfully completed.

Download GIMP

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