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GIMPThere is the number of image manipulating / editing application present in the market, some of them are free of cost while some of them are very costly. The paid applications are providing so many functionalities as compared to the free one. Free image editors are very limited in every aspect of performances, but there is one famous application which is totally free of cost and giving competition to the paid applications and the name of this application is GIMP. GIMP is the most famous image editing application which is providing its services to the users with great commitment. GIMP is the open-source application which means we don’t have to pay any amount of money for any of its services. GIMP was first launched in February of 1996 by the GIMP Development Team. GIMP has gained the trust of its users with the time and also with great services. Some of the important highlights of the features of GIMP are given below:

Features of GIMP 4.3.4

  •  GIMP is available on almost every common operating system that is Windows, Linux, IOS.
  •  GIMP provides us features of freehand drawing, image editing options, the creation of patterns, making of logos and many other features.
  • The graphical user interface of GIMP is great in term of appearance because it is having so many options in a single window frame but still very organized. It runs very smoothly all the time without any issues of lagging.
  • GIMP is having so many additional features which actually impressed the users some of them are: Layer, layers mask and channels, Automation, scripts and plugins and many more.

How to download GIMP 4.3.4?

We can download this application directly from the link given here-

Download GIMP

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