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GIMPGIMP is a raster graphics based, image editing and manipulation application. The application is open source and is free of cost, making it available to every individual out there. The application has several purposes, which include, retouching and editing of an image, converting an image from one file format to another, digital drawing/painting, and so much more. The application works cross-platform, thus is available for a wide variety of users, of Windows or MacOS or even Linux platforms. The application is a versatile one stop solution for editing or manipulating images. With its simple interface and easy availability is has been one of the most popular image editing programs.

Features of GIMP 4.5.2

The following are some features of the program:

  • The GIMP application is filled with useful and efficiently crafter tools, that help a user create and or manipulate the Image they choose to. The tooling experience of the application is simple and direct, with a complex number of features to it.
  • The user experience of the application is basic, and direct, which allows all kinds of users to benefit to the fullest from the application. Whether its a new user or someone who is well versed with the application, it is simple to go about tasks on the application.
  • The application has a wide variety of tools including scissor tool, lasso tool, brush tool, and so many more.
  • The application also allows the user to choose colour in multiple manners, including colour palettes, colour choosers and an eyedropper tool for specific colours.
  • The application is supported by MacOS, Windows, and even Linux platforms.

How to download GIMP 4.5.2?

To download click below

Download GIMP

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