Download GIMP 4.6.5

GIMPGIMP is an open source photo editor for small developments and projects. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This software is as capable to photoshop but still is developing to bring up it’s customers better features for touching up and image manipulations.

Features of GIMP 4.6.5

  • GIMP consists of a feature of layout and composition which includes simple tools like cropping, contrasting, color adjustments, removal of unwanted parts, etc.
  • GIMP saves a lot of time as it can easily import and export files.
  • Also features like cloning, burning, shaping, blurring, healing, layering, channeling, etc.
  • With the help of this editor, n sided polygons can be easily drawn.
  • This software uses Linux as a default for distribution.
  • It consists of a pantone color library of 32 bit color depth, CMYK color profiles.
  • GIMP has a cloud feature for storing of pictures and images.
  • It also provides a feature of plugin registry so that you can add each and everything to edit the picture and autosave the changes, further exporting it to the desired place.

How to download GIMP 4.6.5?

  • Click on the download link and download the app.
  • Double click for installing.
  • The software will begin and you can choose a language of your own.
  • Select the files which can be linked to create a desktop icon of the GIMP software.
  • Go to windows>enable single window mode.
  • Now, GIMP can be launched and ready for editing .

Download GIMP

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