Download GIMP 4.8.9

GIMPGIMP is a software known as GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a phot editing software for completing small projects like which may include assigning a new touch to the image without over doing it. GIMP has some of the basic tools that are needed at the entry level but it does not have advanced tools. If compared to photoshop, it is still growing with new technologies.

Features of GIMP 4.8.9

  • GIMP has easy interface for the customers if compared to complexed photoshops tools
  • It is working on its new tools that maybe released soon.
  • GIMP has in built source plugins for image manipulation.
  • Users can try out a variety of tools for enhancing and retouching of an image. Moreover, it consists of creative tools for entry level projects of web designing, illustrations, photography editing ideas and much more.
  • It frees some space by deleting unused files by using its detection feature.
  • GIMP provides ranges of tools like cloning, burning, shaping, blurring , healing, layering, channeling, saturation, lodging, pixelating, cropping, removal of unwanted photos, etc.
  • It uses pantone colour and CMYK color profiles.

How to download GIMP 4.8.9?

  • Click on the given below link to download.
  • Double click for installing the software.
  • The software will begin and you can choose a language of your own.
  • Select the files which can be linked to create a desktop icon of the GIMP software.
  • Go to windows>enable single window mode.

Download GIMP


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