Download GIMP 5.0.2

GIMPGIMP is one of the best featured apps which is alternative to photoshop and allows image re-editing to make it much more presentable. GIMP allows users to get the desired photo using a wide variety of tools. It is abbreviated as GNU Image Manipulation Program giving users an expert photo editing

Features of GIMP 5.0.2

  • Easy watermark editing and adjustments to deliver it professionally.
  • GIMP has alpha support for high imaging and high resolution pictures.
  • Allows procedures for database for external and internal programs.
  • You can use as much undo and re-do feature in GIMP.
  • GIMP supports various Image Formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW & GIF.
  • Multiple screens can be chosen to make editing an easy process.
  • Easy drags and drop feature for handy editing.
  • Easy unlocking of filters to give the best and natural editing experience.
  • Clone, saturation, burn, pixel, grainy effect, saturation, dodge tool, erase, blur and many other features are available on GIMP.
  • Shortcut feature which let you use commands which let you choose the required tool easily.

How to download GIMP 5.0.2?

  • Click the below given link and download.
  • Double click for installing.
  • The software will begin and you can choose a language of your own.
  • Select the files which can be linked to create a desktop icon of the GIMP software.
  • Go to windows and enable single window mode.
  • Now, GIMP can be launched and ready for editing

Download GIMP

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