Download GIMP 5.0.4

GIMPGIMP is a software which is designed to let you edit your images like professionals. The application is available for free of cost so users would be able to use the application without spending a single penny on it. The application is available for all type of platforms and thus you can get it in your device too. The app allows you to edit images using various tools it has. The app has simple and decent design which makes it easier for the users to understand the app and its tools. The application has resizing tools, brushes, effects etc to make your picture better.

Features of GIMP 5.0.4

The GIMP application comes with these features which we have mentioned below-

  • It allows you to enhance the color of the image you have.
  • You would not have to subscribe this app as the application is available for free of cost totally.
  • The app has tools to resize and crop the image.
  • It allows you to trim the images.
  • Updates are made regularly to add new improvements and fix bugs.
  • You would be able to easily export and import the images in this app.
  • It is available for different platforms. You can thus download it in any device you want.

How to download GIMP 5.0.4?

The GIMP app lets you download it in any platform. So to choose your platform click on the given below download link and download the app. Open the app and install it by following instructions.

Download GIMP

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