Download GIMP 5.0.5

GIMPGIMP is a software designed for the editing of images. The full form of the GIMP is GNU Image Manipulation Programme. This app lets you edit the images like professionals. You would save a lot of money of hiring a professional or buying a software like adobe photoshop. GIMP is a perfect replacement for the photoshop type professional software. The best part about the GIMP is that it is totally free and does not have any premium version or feature. The application is available for all type of platforms so wherever you want to use this app you can without any issue. The application edits the images with all the tools it has and provides you perfect picture at the end.

Features of GIMP 5.0.5

GIMP application comes with loads of features that you may find useful. Here is a list of the features of the GIMP application-

  • The app is available for free of cost. You would not have to spend anything to get this amazing app.
  • The app lets you edit the images like professionals.
  • It has resizing, triming and cropping tool with which you can adjust the size as per your requirement.
  • The application allows you to blur the particular area of the application specially background of the images.

How to download GIMP 5.0.5?

To download GIMP in your device click on the given below download link which you will find just below this article.

Download GIMP

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