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GIMPGNU Image Manipulation program also abbreviated to GIMP is a free and open source raster graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free form drawing, converting between different image formats and more specialised tasks. The software was released in the year 1996 and was released under GPLv3+ licenses and is available for almost all the operating systems.

Features of GIMP 6.0.8

GIMP has the following features-

  •  It is a cross platform software that is compatible for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • The software has a large number of inbuilt tools that are used to perform image editing.
  • These tools can be accessed via the toolbox that comes integrated with the software.
  • There are several ways of selecting colours including palettes, colour choosers and using an eyedropper tool to select a colour on the canvas.
  • GIMP also provides smart tools that use a more complex algorithm to do things that otherwise would be time consuming. The software has a clone tools which copies pixels using a brush.
  • The software comes with blur and sharpen tool blurs and sharpens using a brush.
  • An image being edited in GIMP can consist of many layers in a stack. Text layers can also be created using a text tools allowing the user to write on the image.
  • GIMP has approximately 150 standard effects and filters including Drop Shadow, Blue, Motion Blur and Noise.
  • The software supports a sufficiently large number of file formats. XCF is the native format of GIMP.

How to download GIMP 6.0.8?

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Download GIMP

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