Download GIMP 6.0.15

GIMPGIMP is an open source photo editor to edit pictures and provide a professional-like quality retouched picture. It is abbreviated as GNU Image Manipulation Program. Users can use this editing software for performing small projects with best editing tools. Though GIMP is still working on its tool it may not have as abundant tools like photoshop but working towards it.

Features of GIMP 6.0.15

  • GIMP changes its source code and then makes the changes on the picture.
  • It has in built source plugins.
  • GIMP consists of a bunch of creative tools for web browsing, making illustrations, photography editing, re -touching, shuffling, etc.
  • It automatically deletes the unfunctional files which uses space.
  • It provides many tools like cloning, burning, shaping, blurring, healing, layering, channeling, saturation, lodging, pixelating, cropping, removal of unwanted photos, etc.
  • GIMP has an auto recovery saving file feature in case of any mishappening occurs in
  • It has pan-tone colour library of 32 bit color depth, CMYK color profiles.
  • Cloud technology for automatically exporting of pictures and images.

How to download GIMP 6.0.15?

  • To download GIMP in your device, click on the given below download link.
  • After downloading, double click for installing.
  • The software will begin and you can choose the language of your own.
  • Select the files which can be linked to create a desktop icon of the GIMP software.
  • Go to windows> enable single window mode.
  • Now, GIMP can be launched now.

Download GIMP

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