Download GIMP 6.0.36

GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program abbreviated to GIMP is a software which is used for image retouching and editing. The software was released in the year 1996 and was released under GPLv3+ licenses and is available for almost all the operating systems. There are various tools in the app that allows you to retouch and enhance your images like a professional. The application is available for free of cost so anyone can use the app easily.

Features of GIMP 6.0.36

The GNU Image Manipulation Program offers the following salient features to its users-

  • GIMP lets you edit the images in many layers. Text layers can also be created using a text tools allowing the user to write on the image.
  • IT has various tools and filters which atre very useful to make your image perfect.
  • The application is vailable for all type of platform so you would not need to worry about it.
  • The software comes integrated with a GEGL which stands for The Generic Graphics Library. It is used to perform high bit depth colour operations.
  • Also, GIMP supports importing and exporting with many different file formats. The native file format of GIMP is XCF which is designed to store all information GIMP can contain about an image.
  • The application is available for free of cost, so no fees is required to be paid to use the app.

How to download GIMP 6.0.36?

In order to download GIMP, click on the link given below-

Download GIMP

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