Download GIMP 2.3.5

GIMPJust taking photos is not enough. To get the best photos out of your clicks, you also need to edit them like adjusting the brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. You may also want to convert coloured photos into black and white if that makes them better. While Photoshop is the widely used software for this purpose, most of us have wished for a free software that comes with all these functionalities. This is what the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) does. GIMP is a freely distributed image editing software that can perform tasks like image authoring and composition, along with photo retouching. In this article, we shall look into GIMP and its features.

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Download GIMP 2.3.6

GIMPIn the world of graphic manipulation, GIMP stands out to be the most useful application. GIMP is a downloadable application that works as a simple image editor and has gradual advanced functions that make graphics look professional and help in retouching images through graphic manipulation. It is a must use application for graphic designers, photo editors and those aspiring to be the same, since it is easy to use and highly effective in its application and also restores the quality of the original Image. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program that can be expanded, molded and also customized to use.

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Download GIMP 2.4.6

GIMPIn today’s world, a good editing application is a major need. With this application you can, you can edit any image you want. This is a great image manipulation app which has some great options to edit your images. With this, you can edit, create, retouch, recompose any images you want. It supports almost all formats, you can choose any images to edit. It supports many file formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF, PCX, BMP, and many others. GIMP also has a separate paint program which has many brushes and tools which lets you create your own paint file and you can also edit the old one. It comes with an easy interface anyone can use this application, and easily edit any pic with the help of tools. It is also free of cost and can be run on multiple devices. Here we have provided you some easy step through which you can download this app on your devices. So go and download this app and start editing your images easily. Continue reading

Download GIMP 2.4.0

GIMPThis is one of the best photo manipulation application we have. This lets us edit our images so easily. This manipulation tool can edit, retouch, recompose any type of images we want. It supports multiple formats, so you don’t need to be selective about choosing your files. Gimp has some amazing tools that help us to edit our images so nicely. Anyone can use this application, it is a simple application that comes with an easy interface. Also, it has paint programs that have many tools and brushes, with the help of it you can also create a new file or can edit your old images. This application is a good choice if you are finding photo editor. It is also free. With this application, you can edit your images and make them look more beautiful. You can adjust the colour, brightness, saturation and can do many more things with this application. Gimp is overall a perfect editing tool, if you are searching for one you should definitely go with this one.

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Download GIMP 2.5.1

GIMPIt is a great photo editing tool that helps you to edit any type of images so easily. This application supports many formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF, PCX and many other. It has some amazing feature with great tools that help you edit your images with a click. It helps you to recompose, edit, retouch your images. With this tool you can edit your images the way you want and make them so much more beautiful with this. It also comes with a paint program, with this you can create a new paint program or edit the old images. The paint programs have some amazing variety of tools like a paint brush, spray tool, water brush, oil brush and many other which you can use to edit and create a file. Gimp is an absolutely amazing platform when it comes to editing your images, it enhances your photos and makes them look perfect. It also comes with easy interface so anyone can use it. If you also want to edit your images, you can go with this app, you will surely love it. Continue reading

Download GIMP 2.4.8

GIMPIt is an image manipulation tool that helps us to edit any image we want. It is an advanced tool that helps us to retouch and correct our image. It is one of the most powerful tools that enhance your images. This application is very easy to use that comes with a simple user interface, you don’t need to have much knowledge about it, the tools there will help you to edit the image the way you want. This application supports most of the format, so you can choose any image you want to edit. Also in this, you will find a paint program, with this you can create a new file or edit the old one. Now image editing is becoming more important day by day, to make your images perfect you need a good editing tool, and GIMP is the best app for image editing. One can simply edit their images without paying anything for it. You can edit your images anytime you want without going anywhere. Overall, It is a great tool and the best way to edit your images so easily. Continue reading

Download GIMP 2.4.7

GIMPGIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is one of the best editing software available around the globe. GIMP is basically a free, open-source graphics editor which is used essentially for editing and retouching images. The software supports free-form drawing and can process many other specialized tasks. GIMP is available for most of the operating systems including Linux, MacOS and Microsoft Windows. The software is easy to use and everyone, whether it is a beginner or a professional, can use this app without any difficulty. GIMP is free of cost and is one of the most trusted graphics and image editors available in the global market.

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Download GIMP 2.6.0

GIMPGimp is an advanced photo editor that allows us to edit our images in the easiest manner. It is the most suitable application for photo retouching, image correction, and image authoring. It allows you to manipulate any image the way you want. It supports many file formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF, PCX, BMP, and many others. It has many useful tools as well for each editing function, you can easily pick them up according to your editing need. To make a picture more beautiful and prettier you need a photo editor, this works the best in this case. You can also create a separate paint program with some amazing painting tools in this application, you can create a new program or edit the old one. This Gimp application comes with an easy user interface so anyone can edit their images easily. It is one of the most popular image editing application and is loved by people from all around. Overall, Gimp is the best photo manipulating tool which lets you manipulate any image easily. Continue reading

Download GIMP 2.6.2

GIMPGIMP is free and open source graphics editor. It is abbreviated as GNU image manipulation program. Retouching, drawing, sketching etc., are easily done by using this software application and it also converts image formations. This software was driven by GPLv+3 license as the general editing tool. Microsoft windows, Mac-OS and Linux operating systems support the performance of GIMP. This software recently changed its name as GNU image manipulator program from its general form. This project came into existence through the volunteered service of employee of GNU and GNOME projects.

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Download GIMP 2.6.3

GIMPGIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is Associate in Nursing ASCII text file image reduction program, accredited underneath the antelope General Public Licence. It is used for redaction electronic icon pictures like images. The gameness could be a powerful, free, image reduction program thats out there for the operating system, Windows, and Macintosh computers. It has several capabilities. It is used as a straightforward paint program, Associate in Nursing knowledgeable quality icon retouching program, an internet instruction execution system, a production image renderer, a picture format converter, etc. GIMP is expandable and protractible. it’s designed to be increased with plug-ins and extensions to try to close to something. Continue reading